Helena MT Great Northern Town Center

ExplorationWorks ExploreStore

Science kits, learning games, modern technical construction sets and so much more. ExploreStore is stocked with lots of educational items for all ages of visitors. You’ll find an assortment that begins with old-school wooden toys all the way up to modern solar powered car kits. You can’t find real shark’s teeth at the mall, but you’ll find them here! Always wanted a Newton’s Cradle for your office? We have ‘em. Want to crack open a real geode? We have geodes in stock for just a dollar. Don’t know what a geode is? Google it and come right in for one of your own…This is not your average department store or roadside knick knack shop. We guarantee you’ll find more educational and inspirational items at ExploreStore than anywhere else you are likely to visit.

Come on in…admission to the Science Center is not required to shop at ExploreStore. Check the website for business hours.


995 Carousel Way
Helena MT 59601
(406) 457-1800 x1